AiroClearCabinet V4000 – invisible yet highly efficient

The AiroClearCabinet V4000 integrated range hood combines the performance of a tried-and-tested pull-out range hood with the convenience of an integrated range hood. Thanks to OptiLink, it regulates its performance automatically in response to the cooking process.

The range hood disappears completely in a kitchen wall unit or a custom cover above the hob. This makes the integrated range hood the ideal solution for people who prefer their range hood not to be on display. The sleek housing leaves storage space for recipe books, herbs and spices.

The AiroClearCabinet V4000 integrated range hood comes in two widths – 56 cm and 86 cm – and is available as an extracted air or recirculation air solution. It offers powerful air cleaning, while remaining quiet and saving energy. Integrated range hoods are quick to install and can be used immediately. For more design freedom, the exhaust air connection can be directed upwards or to the right-hand side.

OptiLink automatically regulates the range hood
The integrated range hood isn’t just kept out of sight – you don’t even need to operate it yourself either. That’s because it comes equipped with OptiLink as standard, meaning it can communicate with the hob via Bluetooth. The only requirement for intelligent cooking is that you also choose a hob with OptiLink. The fan switches on automatically at the beginning of the cooking process and continually adapts its performance to ensure optimal air quality with the greatest possible efficiency. Once you have finished cooking, the automatic after-run function automatically removes residual odours and moisture from the kitchen for 5–20 minutes after the hob is switched off.

OptiLink automatically sets the perfect fan speed for every situation. This means you can focus on the cooking and keep your hands free for preparing ingredients, although it goes without saying that you can still make manual adjustments at any time.