Gas hobs

Gas hobs: tried-and-tested cooking methods paired with cutting-edge slider control

V-ZUG's modern gas hobs come with an array of practical functions to make life even easier and cooking even more enjoyable. V-ZUG is the first company on the market to offer new gas hobs with state-of-the-art multi-slider control – a simple, direct and ergonomic solution for controlling each of the individual cooking zones. Gas hobs with dials (knobs) are still available.

The performance of our gas hobs is impressively powerful
In order to avoid guests having to wait a long time for their food, our gas hobs are equipped with powerful, state-of-the-art gas burners. These gas burners are used:

• Power-Wok burner with an output of 6 kW
• High-speed burner with an output of 3 kW
• Standard burner with an output of 1.75 kW
• Eco burner with an output of 1 kW

Modern burners guarantee high flexibility
Our burners are designed so that the gas flame produced heats the pan evenly and effectively. And not only that – small and large pans can both be placed on our gas hobs. Pans with a base diameter of 14 cm to 26 cm are heated optimally (woks up to 30 cm).