Prizes and awards

V-ZUG has understood design to be far more than just good looks for some time. For us, design is the art of combining function with aesthetics. A good design can certainly be love at first sight, but love must also stand a second glance – with a focus on working with the appliances from V-ZUG. Among other things, you will be sure to appreciate the ease of operation. The strikingly elegant FutureLine was developed with our design philosophy, which has already brought us major international prizes. It impresses with its clear, strong lines, encompassing the complete kitchen range. The appliances are aesthetically attuned to each other, forming a harmonious unit in your kitchen. Among our laundry room products, the new line impresses with its ChromeClass panel as an attractive item that can happily be displayed as a design element in the modern bathroom.





Archiproducts Design Award - Best of Category 2016