A revolution in fabric care: the REFRESH-BUTLER from V-ZUG


A revolution in fabric care:

Up until now, unpleasant food odours in a silk dress or folds and creases in a business suit would have been something for professional dry cleaners or a “James” around the house. The REFRESH-BUTLER, an innovation from the inventors at V-ZUG, provides the solution. High quality fabrics can now enjoy refresh, anti-crease, sanitise and drying treatment at home using photocatalysis.

A fondue evening with friends, an unexpected shower of rain during a jogging session or a crumpled outfit after a business trip: again and again, there are times in everyday life when your clothing needs special care. The new REFRESH-BUTLER is the practical answer. Developed and produced by V-ZUG in Switzerland, the REFRESH-BUTLER combines four functions in one appliance. The Refresh function featuring the world-exclusive photocatalysis process employs steam to neutralise cooking odours like grease and cigarette smoke to leave a far more pleasant smell. Steam is also used to visibly reduce folds and creases in suits, dresses, blouses and shirts. If the additional Sanitise programme is selected, the REFRESH-BUTLER almost completely removes germs. The Drying function takes care of the gentle and, thanks to a heat pump, energy-saving drying of soaking wet fabrics. The effectiveness of these functions has been analysed and approved by prestigious test institutes in Germany and Switzerland.

The appliance can be set up as a free-standing unit or as a built-in version in a wardrobe featuring a customer-selected finish.