V6000 14

The VacuDrawer V6000 vacuum seals foods for sous-vide cooking, portioning, preserving, storing and marinating. For a chef-like culinary experience.

Designs available

  • Platinum mirror glass

  • Black mirror glass

  • Fully integratable

  • Professional sous-vide cooking

    Removing air and thus oxygen by means of vacuum sealing optimally prepares food for sous-vide cooking in the steamer using the Vacuisine function. The precision and gentleness of this automatic program allows users to reproduce restaurant-quality results at home.
  • Extended food storage

    Vacuum sealing extends the shelf life of fresh produce and prepared foods. They can be portioned, stored, marinated and resealed in a vacuum bag while protecting and preserving their sensory and nutritional properties.
  • Vacuum Power

    4 multi-functional vacuum sealing levels

    The Vacuum Power function creates optimum conditions for all types of food – from very pressure-sensitive ones like berries to firm items such as hard cheeses.

  • External Vacuum

    External vacuum sealing capabilities

    With the External Vacuum option, external containers such as wine or oil bottles can be vacuum sealed to keep their contents fresh for longer.

Product information