V4000 14

The warming drawer gently warms plates and cups before serving and keeps food at the desired temperature. Convenient food preparation options extend the drawers’ spectrum of functionality.

Designs available

  • Platinum mirror glass

  • Black mirror glass

  • Fully integratable

  • On point, right on time

    Warming drawers help attentive hosts put their guests’ needs at the centre of the evening. Culinary creations can be prepared and then kept warm until serving, without compromising taste or quality. This addition to the kitchen is of particular benefit when the menu consists of components with different cooking times.
  • A matter of sensory satisfaction

    Being served a meal on a heated plate is a sensory experience to remember. Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate having their coffee served in a pre-warmed cup, brought to the perfect temperature utilising the cup warming function.
  • Clever functions for food preparation

    The gentle heating option is ideal for melting butter or chocolate, proofing dough, dissolving gelatine or drying fruit. The yoghurt function makes it easy to prepare homemade yoghurt without any prior knowledge.
  • Ergonomic

    Full extension for full flexibility

    The ergonomic drawer can be opened fully while holding up to 25 kg. For maximum comfort and convenience while loading and unloading.

  • Slow defrost

    Low-temperature defrosting

    A gentle thawing process at low temperature preserves both the texture and flavour of frozen foods.

Product information