CombiMiwell V4000 45

The CombiMiwell V4000 combines microwaving with a powerful grill and forced convection heat to achieve invariably amazing results. Functions such as EasyCook or PizzaPlus simplify the cooking process.

Designs available

  • Platinum mirror glass

  • Black mirror glass

  • Design that stands the test of time

    Minimalist, elegant, timeless. The Excellence Line is characterised by refined and streamlined design. The sleek lines and mirror glass front blend seamlessly into any kitchen thanks to different color options. The handle is made from a single piece of aluminium, perfectly complementing the mirrored glass.
  • An iconic and intuitive interface

    The CircleSlider is engraved into the glass, allowing tactile, intuitive operation and precise control. The high-resolution display provides excellent comfort of use. While cooking, the CircleSlider displays the progress of the cooking process in a very subtle, yet informative way.
  • Smart functions designed to delight

    EasyCook supports users in the selection of the right settings for almost 100 food types. PizzaPlus creates a crispy crust and pizza base on fresh or reheated pizza. And the Wellness function brings massage stones or a damp cloth to an optimum temperature, for relaxing moments after a stressful day.
  • Connectivity

    Everyday assistance from the V-ZUG app

    By connecting their appliance to the V-ZUG app, users benefit from features such as notifications, tips and intelligent cooking assistants.

  • Cavity space

    Impressive volume for larger-scale cooking

    The appliance’s extra-large cavity boasts an impressive volume of 44 litres. It accommodates large dishes and bigger food types.

Product information