Freezer V4000 178N

This full-height, single-door freezer can be installed as a single unit or as a complement to one of V-ZUG’s fridges. It combines high-performance freezing technology with energy efficiency and appealing design.

Designs available

Energy efficiency class

Energy efficiency class
  • Side-by-side solution

    The Cooler V4000 178K is the perfect complement to our premium Freezer V4000 178N. In combination, they make for a state-of-the-art side-by-side solution that caters to every need.
  • No defrosting required

    NoFrost technology prevents the build-up of ice inside the freezer and makes the unpleasant and tedious task of defrosting a thing of the past. Drawers can be comfortably opened and closed without ice getting in the way.
  • Fast freezing

    Increased cooling power and speed

    The fast freezing option produces a temporary boost in cooling performance and speed so that items stored after shopping freeze even faster.

  • NoFrost

    No more ice build-up

    NoFrost technology reduces the amount of ice build-up inside the fridge, which means there is no need to defrost it as often.

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