Planning aids

Catalogue linked with planning aid

To make planning even easier for you, we have linked the catalogue with the relevant planning aid. Simply click on the brief description of the product you want in the catalogue and you'll be taken to the right page in the planning aid. You'll also find the links on the left and right of the display window. It couldn't be easier.

Tip: Save the catalogue in the favourites on your browser.

Planning overview

Are you planning a new kitchen for your customer? Or is your principal looking to renovate his facilities? V-ZUG appliances are appropriate in every environment. With the clear planning aids you can quickly come up with an elegant and practical solution which will make you happy for a long time.

You can retrieve planning aids and then print them out here:

Calculation of dishwasher decor height 60cm EURO standard and extra-height / calculation of niche height

Calculation for hobs, combined appliance installation