One appliance – two functions
This hob combines two functions in a single appliance and makes cooking so much easier, allowing you to focus entirely on preparing your meals. The new MaxiFlex hob already features an integrated range hood that draws down cooking vapours from right next to your pots and pans. Just like in hob hoods, the collection tray can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher. Even the intuitive touch control on the graphic display transforms cooking into a real experience. 

Intelligent communication
The OptiLink function offers yet another highlight: the hob and range hood communicate with each other so that the extraction strength is automatically regulated depending on the amount of cooking vapour. Of course, you can also set the extraction strength manually, but the appliance can handle this function for you, allowing you to focus on your cooking. 


Plus X Award

The Plus X Award is the world’s leading innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle. It recognizes brands for the superior quality and innovative edge of their products.

An expert panel of representatives from various sectors awards seals of approval in the following categories: innovation, design, high quality, comfort of use, functions, ergonomics and ecology. The approach of the Plus X Award is a unique one: in contrast to many of its rivals who see themselves mainly as design awards, the Plus X Award follows a more sophisticated approach with its seven seals of approval. The Plus X Award seals of approval are therefore not just a benchmark for outstanding products but also a strong indicator of overall brand quality.