Installation method

Extractors in the kitchen surface

Users who prefer a minimalist style of design and prefer their view of the hob to be unobstructed will find that a hob hood is ideally suited to their needs. The modular design can be installed between two hobs or between a hob and Teppan Yaki. Complete freedom in combining different elements means you can design your own unique cooking centre. Another option is the CombiCookTop – a hob with its own integrated range hood. Its design is stripped back to the essentials and blends perfectly into its surroundings. The OptiLink function switches the range hood on and off and automatically adjusts the extraction power in response to the cooking process. Because both of these extractors are situated right next to the pans, they draw the vapours downwards directly. A downdraft, on the other hand, is installed behind the hob and moves to pan height when in use. It is particularly suitable for panorama hobs.

CombiCookTop (formerly Fusion)

The perfect combination: Our CombiCookTop range includes Hobs hobs that have a range hood integrated into the glass of the hob itself, allowing vapour to be extracted right where it is produced. Just like in hob hoods, the collection tray can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher. 

Hob hoods

For plenty of headroom and a puristic kitchen design: The hob hood is installed in the kitchen surface and the cooking vapours are drawn down directly. Thanks to the recessed collection tray, there are no spillages and cleaning is quick and practical. The collection tray has a capacity of 500 ml and can be easily removed from the recess along with the metal grease filter and cleaned in the dishwasher. 

For island cooking units

We have developed a range of island hoods which create stylish accents with their design. Ceiling range hoods are less striking, but equally well suited to island cooking units.

Island hood

These make for a real talking point in the kitchen. Island hoods are constantly developing to meet ever more diverse and bespoke requirements in terms of design, performance and price. This is why we offer an extensive range of island hoods that are as beautiful as they are robust.

Space-saving and discreet

Built-in range hoods and integrated range hoods can either be installed in kitchen wall units or in a custom cover. By integrating them into the kitchen design, they become almost invisible. Depending on the design, the hood still leaves space in the fitted units to store things like spices or cookbooks. 


Built-in hoods

Our range of built-in range hoods is very broad, covering everything from the simplest models with slide switches to built-in range hoods with glass pull-out deflector plates. All hoods are easy to install and can be used in extraction or forced-convection mode.

Integrated range hoods

Integrated range hoods disappear completely in a top cabinet or a custom cover above the hob. Nearly invisible thanks to their integral design in the kitchen, they are the perfect solution for anyone who does not want their range hood on display.

For hobs set against a wall

Wall hoods and slanting hoods are ideal if the hob is set against a wall. This takes the appliance out of the main field of vision and leaves you to enjoy ample headroom – particularly in the case of slanting hoods.

Wall hood

The range of wall hoods we offer includes everything you could possibly want or need, with a choice of appliances for all price ranges. All wall hoods are available as extracted air or recirculation models.