Exclusive applications


When your steam cooker becomes a little wellness oasis

Why not make your guests feel like they are in a Gourmet Temple Asian restaurant or on a first-class flight by surprising them with a moist, warm, refreshing towel? Oshibori, as they are known in Japan, for example, can be quickly and easily prepared in the steam cooker in just a few steps. V-ZUG now also offers “oshiboris” as an accessory. A small detail that will delight your guests. And that's not all: cherry stone cushions, which are in high demand during the cold months, hot stones for massages or hot wraps can also be prepared to perfection at the touch of a button.


When you need to ensure hygiene as well as cleanliness. In particular, families with small children or households that produce home-made food and store it will really value the new hygiene applications. Baby bottles, dummies or other baby items can be sterilised in the steam cooker without any great effort. Bottling jars can also be prepared well and preserved after filling. The good thing about this is that, thanks to these applications, pans are no longer required and several litres of water are saved. Simply put everything into the steam cooker and start the application. Job done! In this way, you have even made a small contribution to protecting the environment.

Keep warm

You have been standing in the kitchen for hours and have prepared the perfect dinner for your guests. The first course has been served and you are eating. But what do you do with the food that is already cooked until it is time to serve the second course? This is no longer a problem thanks to the new «keep warm» function. Until you're ready to serve the food, it can be kept warm in the steam cooker or oven without it continuing to cook or even drying out. This means you can shine again in the second round as well.