Cleaning the steam cooker is a breeze thanks to the features, design and choice of materials.

Quick cleaning of the cooking space

Even a Steamer needs care. Precisely because it is used in so many different ways. Fortunately, the cooking space exceptionally low-maintenance and soon ready again for its next use. Our Steamers produce their steam in an external steam generator. This means that there is no water, only steam in the cooking space. This prevents the formation of any patches of limescale.

The Excellence Line Steamers and combi-steam cookers can be cleaned spotlessly with little effort thanks to their stainless-steel cooking spaces. Guided programmes remove the dirt automatically. For tough soiling, we have a developed a special cleaning solution – the SteamerCleaner. The residual water in the cooking space evaporates by itself for the most part, thanks to a heater in the bottom panel. The small amount of water that does remain is collected in the dip in the base of the cooking space – all it takes is a single wipe to remove it without a trace so that food doesn’t burn onto the cooking space floor as much.

Low-maintenance design – simple exterior cleaning

The minimalist design of the Excellence Line has more than just aesthetic appeal and ergonomics in mind – it's also made for effortless cleaning. Excellence Line Steamers are fitted with a smooth front without any controls. V6000 appliances are even available with retractable handles if desired – thanks to AutoDoor, the first appliance door that not only opens, but also closes automatically. Handles in models that include them are made of one piece, which prevents any build-up of dirt in corners.
The appliance door can be removed to simplify cleaning. If the appliance is particularly dirty, the glass can even be removed once the door has been taken off.