V-ZUG: foundation laid for a new assembly and logistics building at the Zug facility

V-ZUG has started building a new assembly and logistics building on its premises in Zug. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on 22 October in the presence of the Director of Economic Affairs of the Canton of Zug, councillor Matthias Michel, and other invited guests.

The extension on the northeastern side of the company premises represents not only a strong commitment to the Zug area but also a key element in V-ZUG's long-term plan to make its production processes and logistics more compact and flexible. The new building provides additional space to expand the production facilities, notably including the assembly areas, to allow V-ZUG to grow further.
The building will also serve as a temporary relocation areas allowing further modernisation of the industrial processes across the whole existing premises. Commissioning is planned for 2016.

Commitment to Zug as a centre of production
In starting construction, V-ZUG has sent out a further visible signal of its long-term investment policy at the Zug location aimed at securing development and production of premium "Swiss made" household goods.