Changes for dishwashers

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Our AdoraDish V6000 with heat pump has been awarded the outstanding energy efficiency rating A. Its unique technology and economical programmes make it particularly environmentally-friendly.

According to the new, stricter energy consumption labelling, which came into effect in the European Union on 1 March 2021, our AdoraDish V6000 with heat pump is one of the most environmentally-friendly dishwashers on the market. Despite having the lowest energy consumption, the appliance delivers maximum convenience. This is possible thanks to its unparalleled heat pump technology and range of quick and exclusive programmes.

The categorisation of the energy efficiency rating for dishwashers is still based on the «Eco» programme, but the test standard has been changed. For example, in order to better reflect actual user behaviour, cups, pans and plastic utensils are now used to assess the cleaning and drying performance.

Furthermore, the label now includes the duration of the Eco programme. As in the case of washing machines and washer-dryers, the energy consumption is based on 100 cleaning cycles. The Swiss efficiency requirements remain identical to those of the EU. The new minimum requirement for dishwashers is efficiency rating G.

1. QR code (if model is also sold in the EU) for further details about the appliance 2. Energy efficiency rating 3. Energy consumption in kWh/100 operating cycles (in the Eco programme) 4. Number of table settings in a standard load (for the Eco programme) 5. Water consumption in litres/operating cycle (in the Eco programme) 6. «Eco» programme duration 7. Noise emissions, expressed in dB(A) re 1 pW, and noise emission rating