V-ZUG creates an expansion plan for growth in the UK market

After recognising the global brand appeal, the company adds London and the UK to its international division. Managing Director of the UK, David Knight and Managing Director of International Alberto Bertoz, held an event in London in March to explain how the future is looking for V-ZUG in the UK.

With a strong background in growing sales of premium brands, David’s strategy is focused on selective distribution to premium kitchen retailers and project partners. 
David Knight:
V-ZUG has a proven, successful project business in China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia with many significant prestigious projects underway and for the foreseeable future. This is an area that the UK market will be building on over the course of the year, working to engage and inspire our project and retail partners and showcase the unique difference of the V-ZUG product range and the benefits that these offer our customers.
Product design is central to our growth in the UK and we are excited by the new innovations in Dishwashing, Cooling and Drying that are being added to our line up in 2020. 
We’re also focussing on the growing consumer desire for ‘connected home’ products, leveraging V-ZUG’s world renowned technology that allows customers to manage household tasks in an inspiring and efficient way.
To build our presence across the long term and to help immerse customers in the V-ZUG brand experience, we plan to open a Zugorama showroom in London within the next two years. These sites are exceptional in showcasing V-ZUG’s unique design and inspiring our customers, and will offer us a fantastic opportunity to really bring the brand to life.  

Most of all, we are building a UK team that is excited and dynamic about the opportunities ahead and prepared to deliver an exceptional V-ZUG experience and service.