Developed with top chefs

In top kitchens, different water baths at exactly the right temperature were originally used to cook vacuum-packed dishes. The result was outstanding, but highly time-consuming in terms of preparation: the process not only required expensive and bulky appliances, but also the know-how of a top chef – something that was unthinkable for private households. The possibilities offered by modern combi-steam cookers gave us the idea of simplifying this ingenious cooking technology so that it can also be used at home.

Vacuisine makes it possible to prepare a wide range of dishes effortlessly to the standard of a Michelin star chef.
The idea was refined with the help of multi-award winning Swiss top chefs Tanja Grandits, Andreas Caminada and Stefan Meier. In numerous conversations, presentations, tests and tasting sessions, the expertise of the top chefs was combined together with the technical prowess of V-ZUG. The result is Vacuisine and includes tried-and-tested recipes from top chefs, practical instructions and cooking tables, which had previously not been available for sous vide cooking. Together, new cooking knowledge was created that not only inspired ambitious hobby chefs but also provided professional chefs with new knowledge.

Tested and developed by the best in the field.
Numerous tests and experiments by the top chefs mean that sous vide cooking can be now achieved at the push of a button with Vacuisine. "It was certainly difficult to get to grips with the relationship between temperature and time," admits Andreas Caminada, whose Schloss Schauenstein restaurant has already garnered 3 Michelin stars and 19 Gault-Millau points. "Often, however, we chefs obtained very similar results in the tests. Through our cooperation, we all brought our own experiences to the table; we then agreed on the optimum temperatures and cooking times."

Culinary surprises, even in award-winning cuisine.
The possibilities offered by Vacuisine surprise even the professionals. Tanja Grandits is impressed with the results obtained with meat. "You have greater control and can cook the meat to perfection. As a result, we primarily use Vacuisine for main courses with meat and increasingly for fish too," she explains. 
The know-how of the these leading culinary professionals can be found in the sous vide cooking tables, recipes and tips for use. In combination with our appliances as well as with high-quality, fresh food, nothing stands in the way of your sous-vide experience at home.