Society - Sustainability Report 2018/2019

Intro Society

Since Verzinkerei Zug was founded in 1913, the history of the city of Zug has been intertwined with that of our company. Over our company's century-plus history, we have formed sustainable relationships with our neighbours, civil society organizations and the municipal and cantonal authorities. We participate in local and regional initiatives and associations covering the issues of water consumption, energy efficiency and healthy eating, and we are committed to cultural and charitable organizations in Zug. For example, as a key sponsor and with 67 volunteer V-ZUG helpers, our support played a major role in the success of the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival (ESAF) 2019 in Zug.

Technology Cluster Zug – an innovation quarter
With the launch of the Technology Cluster Zug (TCZ), we are modernizing our site in Zug with the added intention of attracting more companies, start-ups and institutions to set up here. A networked, high-quality, urban eco-system is being created on eight construction fields, with jobs in innovation, production and training. As part of the TCZ, we have also set ourselves the goal of creating affordable, attractive and sustainable living space for employees. 

Living up to our fundamental values
Our fundamental values, which have been enshrined in the Metall Zug Group Code of Conduct since mid-2016, lie at the very heart of everything we do as a business and in society: sustainable and long-term value creation, excellence and integrity in our business operations. The Code applies to all employees and directors. We also champion these fundamental values and principles in our dealings with our suppliers, in this way taking them beyond our organization and into society and the economy. In the era of digitalization, these principles are more relevant than ever: the more interconnected our household appliances become, the more data those appliances can access about our customers’ and partners’ personal habits. We take the attendant responsibility in the area of data protection and security very seriously. Since May 2018, V-ZUG has been compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and obtains customers’ consent to store data.

Graphic: Heinz Tännler, Member of the governing council, Canton of Zug

Stories Society

Creative North Pole
In March 2019, the people of Zug celebrated the opening of a new facility in the north of the V-ZUG site: the “Nordpol” (North Pole) project, through which V-ZUG is enabling the interim use of the empty building at Industriestrasse 61. As well as cultural and social projects, such as the Waldstock Bar and the “Verein mit Herz” (Club with a Heart), “Nordpol” is also home to the FabLab Zug. When the initiators of the project, Luz Maria Molinari, Moritz Hassler, Rouven Küng and Michael Hobbins, approached Lukas André, Head of Marketing Technology Cluster Zug at Metall Zug, with the idea of a FabLab workshop, he was instantly impressed. These are public, digital workshops where the consumer becomes the producer and can develop, programme and create his own ideas using 3D printers or laser cutters.
“We thought it was a terrific project idea”, says Julia Häcki, Project Leader Corporate Development, Metall Zug. “It fits with the concept of the innovative, sustainable eco-system that is being implemented with Technology Cluster Zug (TCZ).” “Nordpol” is temporary and is expected to run until September 2019, with the option of extending it. FabLab will then move to a new location. There will be more interim use opportunities over the course of the 20 years that it will take to redevelop the site. Incidentally, the project is called “Nordpol” because the building is right in the north of the TCZ; in fact, with the exception of the tennis club, it is the most northerly building in the city of Zug. The TCZ will continue to revitalize the burgeoning “Zug North” district. Our intention behind the “Nordpol” interim use project is to enter this new era together with the city.

80 metres off the ground: Project Pi
Living in Zug is expensive. So, as part of our large-scale “Technology Cluster Zug” (TCZ) project, we have set ourselves the goal of creating affordable, attractive and sustainable living space for employees. Hence the “Pi” project, in which V-ZUG is involved: a wooden high-rise building which is probably the only structure of its kind in Switzerland – and not just because of its record 80-metre height. “We don’t just want to create living space in the sense of accommodation, but a space for living which will adapt to the changing residential needs of modern families over time”, says Beat Weiss, CEO of V-ZUG Realty Ltd. The family apartments in the high-rise building will boast lots of extra features such as live-in studios, guest studios and other spaces for rent. “It’s conceivable, for instance, that residents could share a workshop or a music room or that a pop-up gallery will be available for exhibitions”, Beat Weiss continues. The “Piazza”, which is the entrance to each of the ten vertical neighbourhoods, offsets the strict vertical separation of the floors and provides a social space: residents can use their Piazza in any way they wish, for things such as cultural events, drinks or a library for relaxed browsing and reading. One of our priorities is to facilitate social and community integration and counteract anonymity. With this in mind, right at the top of the building there will also be a communal area with roof garden, affording far-reaching views over Lake Zug and the surrounding mountains. The first tenants should be able to move in in 2024. 

Key sponsor of the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival (ESAF)
“Once it was announced that Switzerland’s biggest recurring sports event, the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival (Eidgenössisches Schwing- und Älplerfest), would be coming to Zug from 23 to 25 August 2019, it was clear that, as a traditional and deeply rooted Zug company, we would support this event”, says Christian Bärlocher, Head of Global Marketing, with obvious enthusiasm. The festival attracted over 420,000 visitors, making ESAF 2019 one of Switzerland’s biggest public festivals.

The people of Zug are rightly proud. “It was the first time I’d been to a wrestling festival and I absolutely loved the peaceful and cosmopolitan atmosphere at the festival”, enthused 31-year-old Jacqueline Mangarelli from Menzingen, one of the many visitors. As a key sponsor, V-ZUG had a strong presence at the national wrestling festival, including the V-ZUG Arena which featured a big screen for 8,000 spectators. There was also the V-ZUG Wöschgang Arena, where visitors could refill their water bottles for free and take part in a competition. But this wasn’t the only reason for our involvement; we wanted to make use of this unique opportunity to celebrate, together with the canton, the city and the general public, a three-day public festival which is all about tradition, sportsmanship and fairness – values which we share. “Of course we also used the event to strengthen customer relations. Our field sales employees could invite customers to the wrestling festival every day”, Christian Bärlocher adds. We held a staff draw for more than 300 of the coveted tickets and raffled another 160 to external people via social media and the dedicated wrestling festival microsite. Christian Bärlocher wasn’t the only V-ZUG employee who was gripped by ESAF fever. “Lots of us registered as volunteer helpers and helped make the festival a great success over its three days”, adds Bärlocher happily.