Nut swirls

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1 roll of puff pastry
100 ml full cream
50 g sugar
200 g almonds, ground
½ tsp cinnamon, ground
Spread the filling over the sheet of puff pastry, leaving a 2 cm border free down the length of the pastry. Brush the uncovered edge of the dough with a little water, roll up the dough from the other long side and press down the edge of the dough to seal it. Cut the roll into 2 cm thick slices.
Place the nut swirls on a lined baking tray and put it into the cold cooking space. Bake.
Professional baking puff pastry 200°C for 20 Mins

Baking tray

Quantity Ingredient
½ tsp cinnamon
100 ml full cream
50 g sugar
200 g almonds
1 roll of puff pastry

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