Pizza wreath

stuffed pizza rolls


1 hour

Resting time

1 hour 30 minutes

Cooking time

15 minutes



Combair V2000 from 2021


500 g white flour

1 tsp salt

½ cube of yeast (about 20 g)

300 ml water

3 tbsp olive oil

Pizza wreath

150 g mini mozzarella balls (20x)


10 cherry tomatoes


100 g tomato sauce from a jar


Some olive oil

1 bunch of basil

coarsely chopped

Some pepper


Knead all the ingredients in a bowl into a soft, smooth dough. Shape the dough into a ball.

Return to the bowl, cover and allow to rise for about 1 hour until double in volume.

Pizza wreath

Divide the dough into 20 portions. Place half a mini mozzarella ball and half a cherry tomato on each piece of dough. Shape each piece of dough into a ball. Place the balls in a circle about 1 cm apart on a lined baking tray.

Cover and allow to proof for 30 minutes.

Carefully make a depression in each ball with your finger. Spread the tomato sauce evenly over the pizza wreath and place half a mini mozzarella ball in each depression.


Preheat the cooking space to 250 °C using the PizzaPlus mode.

Bake the pizza wreath in the middle shelf position for 15 minutes.


Drizzle the pizza wreath with olive oil and sprinkle some pepper and basil over the top.

Cooking steps

(Pre-)heat cooking space to 250 °C with PizzaPlus

Preheating finished. Put the food in.

PizzaPlus 250 °C for 15 Mins


Stuff the pizza wreath with different ingredients, according to taste.

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