The new Adora SLQ WP washing machine

Introducing the V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP washing machine with Heat Pump Technology

The World’s most energy efficient washing machine!

Model: Adora SLQ WP
Type: Washing machine with heat pump technology
Installation: Freestanding.
Price: £2,950 ex VAT

V-ZUG, the Swiss premium appliance manufacturer, has revealed yet another World first with its new Adora range of washing machines including the Adora SLQ WP, the first washing machine in the World to use heat pump technology and now clearly the World’s most energy efficient washing machine.

The water in the Adora SLQ WP is warmed not only by a traditional heating element but now also by a highly efficient, energy-saving heat pump, that reduces annual energy consumption to just 116 kWh, and gives the Adora SLQ WP an energy rating of A+++ -40%.

The reduced energy consumption is just one of the many features that reduce the environmental impact of the Adora SLQ WP.

Water consumption is also extremely low at 9900 litres per year, a level that is achieved with the highly advanced sensor controlled washing cycles, and the extremely efficient patented V-ZUG drum that delivers unparalleled results.

The patented Vibration Absorbing System (VAS) reduces the noise impact in the home, with a whisper quiet 71Db achieved in the spin cycle.

The Adora SLQ WP is packed with other features that make it a must have washing machines, including:

  • World-exclusive Steam anti-crease function uses steam to smooth out creases in the washing so well that ironing is no longer necessary.
  • The Patented Anti-mite programme means that the Adora SLW WP actually kills dust mites, an absolutely essential feature for anyone with a dust mite allergy or asthma.
  • The Full-colour touch display sets new standards for ease of operation, ensuring that the Adora is also gentle on the eye as well.
  • The WeClean function is a gentle hand wash programme suitable for even the most delivate of fabrics
  • Super-fast sprint programmes that deliver extremely effective results at 40 degrees in just 35 minutes.
  • 8kg drum with 25cm porthole for easy access.

The Adora SLQ WP can also use water heated through solar power, making it an absolutely essential appliance for any home looking to achieve minimal energy and water consumptions.

The Adora SLQ WP sets new standards in efficiency and washing performance, and clearly demonstrates the World leading innovations from V-ZUG.

For more information on V-ZUG please email [email protected] or call 0843 289 5759.