OptiGlass by SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur

Hobs with OptiGlass are extremely durable and almost as scratch-resistant as a diamond. This coating comes with a rating of 9.5 on the Mohs scale (relative hardness scale). The hardest and therefore most scratch-resistant mineral is the diamond with a rating of 10.

Thanks to the highly robust coating of the OptiGlass hobs, practically no scratches arise from everyday use.
It is not only the resistance of hobs with OptiGlass that is so appealing, but also their elegant design. The mirror glass effect ensures an attractive kitchen with a feeling of quality that lasts for years.

In Switzerland, the high-quality coating is currently only available with V-ZUG hobs. Hobs with OptiGlass are included in the standard range as an option for a moderate surcharge.

Over the years, hobs see a lot of action: this is where vegetables are chopped, meat is beaten and dough is kneaded. And afterwards, they are cleaned with a sponge which can leave unattractive marks. High time for a kitchen revolution: time for OptiGlass! Glass ceramic hobs with OptiGlass feature an additional, extremely hard SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™ coating, making them particularly robust.

The technology was crowned “Best of Best” at the Iconic Awards Interior Innovation 2017.

V-ZUG recommends that, despite it having an OptiGlass coating, the hob is treated with care. If the appliance is not treated correctly, it may become scratched in rare cases, despite the OptiGlass.