World-exclusive SteamFinish: Pure steam yields sparkling shine

The world-exclusive SteamFinish makes the Adora the first dishwasher to clean glasses, cutlery and plates with pure steam, ensuring spot-free cleanness and sparkling brightness. The effectiveness of SteamFinish has been tested and confirmed by the independent Swiss test lab Veritas.

World-exclusive Party programme

The Party programme rinses faster than ever before. After just 11 minutes, the dishes are ready for you to use again. The Party programme allows you to run up to five rinse cycles in a row, making it perfect for cleaning large quantities of slightly dirty dishes within a short space of time.

World-exclusive OptiStart

OptiStart: The intelligent delayed start function uses the waiting time before the programme starts to wet the dishes. When the rinse cycle begins, the dirt has already been softened so the appliance can run at a lower temperature. Energy consumption is thus reduced by around 10%.

New: Cleaning everyday dishes in just 45 minutes

The Adora is the first dishwasher to clean normally soiled crockery spick and span in just 47 minutes.


At 37 dB(A), the Silent programme can hardly be heard. You can thus leave the dishwasher running at night - everything will be clean by the morning.

Turbidity sensor

This measures the level of soiling or contamination in the water and ensures that fresh water is not used unnecessarily. 


The automatic programme knows what your dishes need: this programme rinses your dishes perfectly, while still saving up to 30% more water, electricity and regeneration salt. The programme duration is managed automatically.


Used together with a standard machine care product, the special programme degreases and cleans both the interior and the components. Regular machine care will ensure your dishwasher is hygienically clean while contributing to a longer service life.


The exclusive Fondue/raclette programme is a classic Swiss programme for classic Swiss specialities. Fondue pots, raclette pans or dishes for bakes and gratins come out perfectly clean without needing to be steeped thanks to the active soak phase.


If you're short on time, the Sprint programme can rinse your dishes in just a few minutes. The Adora SL's rinse programme lasts just 20 minutes and only 18 minutes in the Adora SL WP. V-ZUG's Sprint programme is therefore one of the quickest rinses around.