Warming drawers – adding luxury to everyday cooking

Perfectly integrated
The warming drawers can be integrated with a Steamer, oven, automatic built-in coffee machine or microwave oven and used in combination with any of these appliances – for more flexibility and convenience in your everyday cooking. The drawers are available in Black or Platinum mirror glass. They can also be fully integrated into the kitchen front. When this option is chosen, the drawers are fully integrated into the individually selected kitchen design and do not stand out visually in any way. 

Practical functions for added convenience
If the optimised heating concept doesn't already win you over, then the practical touch control that makes it easy to operate your warming drawer surely will. The operating panel allows you to immediately select functions such as cup warming, plate warming, keep warm, yoghurt preparation, and favourites. 

Favourite applications at the touch of a button
The timing and temperature can be set individually and stored for your favourite applications. If you often heat up tortillas or defrost frozen foods for your meals, for example, you can simply save your most frequently used settings under Favourites. 

Premium-quality features
The high-quality drawers are equipped with an easy-clean, stainless-steel interior along with a roller runner – the perfect solution for six place settings. The internal lighting also means nothing is hidden out of sight.  

The highlights at a glance:

  • Highly convenient thanks to a complete range of programmes including the ability to set favourites and the indoor light
  • Maximum flexibility in the kitchen
  • Timeless design for perfect combinations with other appliances 
  • Added value through additional applications (drying, thawing, defrosting, warming fajitas, low-temperature cooking) 
  • Adjustable operating duration and up to 6 h time delay function

Warm cups

Warm plates

Keep warm

Prepare yoghurt