Sustainability strategy - Sustainability Report 2018/2019

Intro Sustainability strategy

As part of the “[email protected]” project, in 2018 and 2019 we revised our materiality matrix, with the support of Metall Zug, for the purpose of refining our sustainability strategy and managing, quantifying and communicating measures for sustainable actions in a more targeted way. 

With an internal working group made up of members of the Management of V-ZUG Ltd, V ZUG Cooling Technology Ltd and the SIBIRGroup AG as well as carefully chosen experts, we worked with a consultancy firm to analyse sustainability issues that are of material significance to V-ZUG. We discussed the issues and assessed their relevance during in-depth interviews with external and internal stakeholders from various areas. The materiality matrix derived from this process forms the strategic basis for developing, by the end of 2019, measurable targets for the medium (2022) and long-term (2030) horizon. To ensure that these targets are binding, starting in 2020 we will be incorporating them in our employees’ target agreements. Furthermore, the materiality matrix is to be included in Metall Zug's consolidated sustainability strategy. 

Materiality Matrix Sustainability strategy

Graphic: Materiality Matrix

The priorities in the materiality matrix have been merged into four thematic target visions, which describe V ZUG’s long-term vision for sustainability. This Sustainability Report, covering “Products and Services”, “Employees”, “Energy and Climate” and “Society”, is already based on the target visions.

Graphic: Daniel Frost, Employee at V-ZUG Innovation LAB