CombiSteamer V4000 45

This combi-steam oven comes with all the functions needed for precise temperature-controlled steaming and excellent cooking results. An ideal complement to the oven.

Designs available

  • Platinum mirror glass

  • Black mirror glass

Energy efficiency class

Energy efficiency class
  • Minimalist, elegant, timeless

    Design that stands the test of time. The Excellence Line is characterised by a refined and streamlined design. The sleek lines and mirror glass front blend seamlessly into any kitchen thanks to different colour options. The handle is made from a single piece of aluminium, perfectly complementing the mirrored glass.
  • An effortless experience

    V-ZUG unites the advantages of hot air and steam in one appliance – for very precise cooking results and a wide variety of possible preparations. The combined hot air with steam function is extremely quick to set, no professional assistance required. Home cooking has never been easier.
  • Clean with ease

    V-ZUG steamers are designed for easy cleaning. Thanks to their innovative steam generation control, users rarely need to descale the appliance. A special, easy-to-follow program guides them through the process. Automatic programs are also available for regular cleaning. For more thorough cleaning, the door can be removed.
  • EasyCook

    250 dishes at the touch of a button

    EasyCook assists in the making of over 250 dishes. Depending on the type of food, it suggests cooking options to achieve the desired result.

  • Regeneration

    New life for precooked food

    This function combines steam and hot air – for quick, easy, healthy and reliable reheating of previously prepared meals.

  • Vacuisine

    Easy mastering sous-vide

    Traditional water-bath method employed by chefs to achieve precise results – now replicated using steam only. No risk of over- or undercooking.

Product information

Ideal for preparing various foods gently whilst maintaining their freshness.
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Gentle reheating of pre-cooked food.

Perfect for baking small pastries on several shelves at the same time.

Ideal for baking and roasting – the food's moisture content is retained.
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For sterilizing containers, baby bottles and jam jars.
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Sous vide is a process of cooking dishes slowly in vacuum-sealed bags inside the Combi-Steam at precisely controlled low temperatures.

Automatic cleaning programs with and without detergent.

Keeps food warm straight after preparation.
For warming hot towels, hot compresses, hot stones, etc.

Helps with selecting the ideal settings. The optimum tips on settings are provided for many foods and dishes.
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It couldn’t be easier to save your favourite programmes so you can call them up in no time when needed.

Food is cooked evenly and more quickly, and remains moist.

Energy-saving, for gratins and stews.
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Gently prepare high-quality pieces of meat.
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A handy way of warming dishes.

Time automatically switches to summer/winter time.

Numerous recipes for inspiration.
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Other settings

User-controlled descaling
White asparagus with lemon confit and beurre blanc

White asparagus with lemon confit and beurre blanc

A recipe from Dominik Hartmann

  • Preparation 1 hour
  • Cooking time 15 minutes
  • Difficulty level Moderate

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