CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam

The PowerSteam is a combi-steam oven and microwave in one. Up to 40 % faster than any other V-ZUG combi-steam oven – it makes no compromise on quality or flavour.

Designs available

  • Platinum mirror glass

  • Black mirror glass

  • An iconic and intuitive interface

    The CircleSlider is engraved into the glass, allowing tactile, intuitive operation and precise control. The high-resolution touch display provides excellent comfort of use. While cooking, the CircleSlider displays the progress of the cooking process in a very subtle, yet informative way.
  • A culinary revolution

    With regard to flexibility, the PowerSteam is V-ZUG’s tour de force for home chefs, featuring multiple intelligent cooking modes. It steams, bakes and regenerates faster than a classic V-ZUG combi-steam oven, while perfectly retaining the quality, colour, texture and flavour of food.
  • The intelligent approach to cooking

    The PowerSteam unites steaming and baking with microwave technology in one appliance and automatically activates the microwave function as required. Achieving the desired result has never been easier.
  • EasyCook

    250 dishes at the touch of a button

    EasyCook assists in the making of over 250 dishes. Depending on the type of food, it suggests cooking options to achieve the desired result.

  • PowerRegeneration

    Regeneration up to 40 % faster

    This special function enables quick reheating of previously prepared meals. Now 40 % faster than any other V-ZUG combi-steam oven.

  • Recipes

    Pre-programmed recipes for the PowerSteam

    Created by the V-ZUG Gourmet Academy, the recipes are easy to access via the display. The appliance takes care of the rest. Convenience at its best.

Product information

Other settings

User-controlled descaling
Fondant au chocolat

Fondant au chocolat

with cardamom

  • Preparation 15 minutes
  • Cooking time 15 minutes
  • Difficulty level Moderate

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