Futuristic appliance controls – the new V-ZUG ovens and steam cookers

With its brand-new generation of appliances, V-ZUG is setting new standards for ovens and steam cookers. Developed and produced in Switzerland, the new Excellence Line kitchen appliances offer an intuitive and revolutionary user experience. Operating the new steam cookers and ovens is simple with the CircleSlider – an intuitive rotary encoder that's ground into the centre of the glass TouchDisplay. The user traces their finger across the slightly roughened surface, enabling values to be set with precision. During the cooking process, the CircleSlider visualizes progress or the corresponding phase of cooking. Each setting is depicted on the high-resolution colour display with its unique proportions. The TouchDisplay shows all the settings in an app view, similar to the user interface on a smartphone. Frequently used functions plus defined individual settings associated with these functions can be stored as favourites. These favourites can be given names, and they appear as new apps on the start screen. This allows the user to quickly find favourite functions for which they have chosen a name, and start them with a click. The user can move individual apps to a more prominent position in line with their personal preferences, just like on a smartphone.