V2000 60

The CombairSteamer V2000 combines classic baking and steaming functions for easy-to-achieve food preparation and great results.

Designs available

  • Platinum mirror glass

  • Black mirror glass

Energy efficiency class

Energy efficiency class
  • An iconic and intuitive interface

    The CircleSlider is engraved into the glass, allowing tactile, intuitive operation and precise control. The high-resolution touch display provides excellent comfort of use. While cooking, the CircleSlider displays the progress of the cooking process in a very subtle, yet informative way.
  • Effortlessly perfect baking results

    Special programs control the baking and steaming process to achieve astounding results with minimal effort. The professional baking program reproduces the techniques used by bakeries, adding hot air to the dough after steaming. For perfectly browned and crisp bread.
  • Pre-programmed recipes for added convenience

    The CombairSteamer V2000 comes with a number of recipes that were created by V-ZUG Gourmet Academy chefs and programmed directly into the appliance. The recipes can be easily accessed via the display, and the steamer then automatically takes the dish through the desired cooking stages. This saves time and effort while cooking and ensures consistently perfect outcomes.
  • Regeneration

    New life for precooked food

    This function combines steam and hot air – for quick, easy, healthy and reliable reheating of previously prepared meals.

  • Vacuisine

    Easy mastering sous-vide

    Traditional water-bath method employed by chefs to achieve precise results – now replicated using steam only. No risk of over- or undercooking.

  • Favourites

    Custom programs for one-touch use

    The appliance allows users to store and name up to 50 custom programs. Default settings, such as the temperature, can be altered as desired.


Other settings

User-controlled descaling


Indian flatbread with garlic

  • Preparation 30 minutes
  • Cooking time 6 minutes
  • Difficulty level Moderate

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