The new V-ZUG ovens and steam cookers make an impression with their innovative AutoDoor function

With its brand-new generation of appliances, V-ZUG is setting revolutionary standards for ovens and steam cookers. Developed and produced in Switzerland, the new Excellence Line kitchen appliances offer an intuitive and revolutionary user experience. Unique and new to the market, these appliances feature the first ever door that not only opens but also closes automatically. Ovens and steam cookers with the AutoDoor function do not need handles. The door opens automatically when you press the TouchDisplay. And that's not all – it can close itself automatically too. This innovation is ideal not only for a completely handle-free kitchen design and effortless operation, but also means you don’t have to check up on your cooking so often: the appliance can open the door slightly during selected cooking processes to let moisture escape or, if required, allow the oven to cool at the end of the process.