Classic brands are the winners – V-ZUG takes top spot


Classic brands are the winners – V-ZUG takes top spot

Most Trusted Brands survey

Brands that contribute to society and the environment are preferred by Swiss consumers who rely on traditional, trusted brands.

For 12 years now, Reader's Digest has been surveying some 27,500 people in 15 European countries, including 1,506 in Switzerland, to discover brands the consumers consider to be most trustworthy. The readers are asked which brands they most trust in writing and without prompting. They evaluate the brands by quality, value-for-money, image and understanding of customer needs.

V-ZUG is most trusted
We would like to thank Swiss consumers for their vote of confidence in the V-ZUG brand. We are delighted to again be chosen for the top accolade as the most trusted household appliance brand in Switzerland and we are proud that our consistent efforts to produce top quality have been seen and honoured. We view this recognition as an encouragement and challenge to go on improving and doing everything we can to ensure that consumers continue to appreciate V-ZUG going forward.

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