CookTop V6000 FullFlex

The FullFlex redefines induction cooking. It offers outstanding flexibility by supporting the use of up to six pots of any shape and size anywhere on the cooking surface. A cooktop designed to live up to the highest standards of culinary creativity.

CookTop V4000

ZoneFlex technology can be used with both standard and oversized cookware and comes with various power levels and preset modes. For even more freedom and flexibility while cooking.

CombiCookTop V4000 I804

This state-of-the-art cooktop with integrated extractor fan combines sleek design and powerful airflow with flexible cooking options. For a kitchen that is equal parts functional and aesthetic.


This gas cooktop features elegant black glass combined with powerful gas burners and convenient multi-slider controls. For an authentic cooking experience, reduced to the essentials.

CookTop V4000

This powerful two-zone induction cooktop perfectly complements other appliances of the modular cooktop concept range.


Traditional gas meets modern electronic controls for a cooking experience that combines the best of both worlds. Available as powerful wok or convenient two-zone modules.

CookTop Teppan Yaki I40

State-of-the-art technology meets traditional Japanese cuisine. The Teppanyaki induction cooktop provides both the intense heat and the accurate temperature control required for this style of cooking.
  • Elegant aesthetics, smart design

    V-ZUG’s appliances are pared back to the essential elements, reflecting a minimalist design philosophy. Integrating elegantly into modern open-plan kitchens, they lend a sense of space and light to the room.
  • Intuitive user experience

    From electronic slide controls to state-of-the-art full-colour touch displays: V-ZUG’s cooktop collection ensures the most intuitive and enjoyable experience for every user.
  • Professional cooking performance for every need

    V-ZUG’s cooktop collection caters to every wish and requirement. State-of-the-art induction, a cooktop with integrated extraction and gas options will suit individual needs. All of our cooktops offer innovative technology, intuitive operation and seamless design while meeting the highest standards in performance and safety.