FAQ Washing machines


Can softener or pre-detergent be added manually via the drawer on the right if OptiDos is used? Do additional settings need to be made?

Yes, the softener can be added separately in the right compartment even if detergent was chosen from the OptiDos drawer. This does not require any additional settings, as the detergent compartment on the right-hand side is rinsed for every wash. 

When does it make sense to use washing powder?

Primarily for white laundry. Because only washing powder contains bleach and can therefore better remove stains from fruit, coffee, tea, etc. 

Can powder-based detergents be used with OptiDos?

No, the two tanks are only for liquid detergent. However, washing with powder is still possible with the AdoraWash V4000 OptiDos, at any time and without technical modification.

Is liquid detergent still the trend or will there be a switch to tabs?

The trend is currently for liquid detergents and is moving away from powder. Tabs are hardly a thing yet when it comes to laundry. Percentages: 68% liquid, 26% powder and 6% caps/tabs (source: Mibelle Group, October 2018)

Why are grease stains or other stains left on the washed laundry?

We recommend checking the dosage setting of the selected OptiDos dispenser and, if necessary, adjusting it in accordance with the currently used agent. Here, we recommend the quantity stated by the manufacturer for 4–5 kg of laundry. The water hardness set may also need to be checked or a powder-based wool detergent (contains bleach) used.

What if too much foam forms during the wash?

We recommend checking the dosage setting of the selected OptiDos dispenser and, if necessary, adjusting it in accordance with the currently used agent. Here, we recommend the quantity stated by the manufacturer for 4–5 kg of laundry. 

How does the OptiDos drawer need to be cleaned?

There are two options. In the event of minor soiling, the unique, automatic cleaning programme can be started via the OptiDos settings. It rinses both OptiDos dispensers with water. The second option can be applied when switching from softener to detergent or in the event of strong soiling (e.g. deposited detergent). In doing so, the OptiDos drawer can be easily removed manually without using tools and cleaned by rinsing under the tap. Do not clean the drawer in the dishwasher.

When does the OptiDos drawer need to be cleaned?

As required, in the event of strong soiling and when changing from softener to detergent.

Are additional accessories required to use OptiDos?

No. Both detergent dispensers are supplied with the washing machine and can be immediately filled with the desired liquid agents or softeners.

What detergent is the right one for my selected programme?

V-ZUG OptiDos supports the detergent selection with an intuitive, unique selection aid. It uses a symbol to show which detergent from the OptiDos dispenser suits the selected programme best.

Can I continue to use powder and special detergents?

Yes. Thanks to the intuitive, simple programme selection, it is possible to choose whether or not OptiDos should be used for the wash after every programme selection. When selecting “without OptiDos”, the detergent is taken from the right detergent dispenser drawer as usual.

What is added to which OptiDos dispenser?

By pulling out the OptiDos drawer, the detergents added to both dispensers are automatically shown on the touch display.

How do I know long the tank content will last?

By pulling out the OptiDos drawer, the load capacity for both dispensers is shown on the touch display and whether or not there is sufficient detergent. If the filing level is low, a notification will automatically appear on the display after the wash (without pulling out the detergent dispenser drawer). 

Can organic or soap detergents also be used?

Yes. In the user settings, modular detergents can be activated by activating the function. This type of detergent is added to the detergent dispenser drawer on the right.

Is there anything that may NOT be filled in the OptiDos dispenser?

Yes. Powder detergent, tabs, Javelle water or comparable bleaches may not be filled in the containers.


How is the correct dosing volume of liquid detergent set?

As standard, we recommend entering the dosing volume of the detergent manufacturer for 4–5 kg of laundry, medium soiling and the local water hardness in the machine. In most cases, the recommended dosing volume of the manufacturer can be found in a table on the rear of the packaging.

What can be filled in the OptiDos dispensers?

The following liquid detergents may be added to each dispenser: Universal detergent, colour detergent, fine detergent, softener, wool detergent, baby detergent, detergent for black clothes, detergent for white clothes, outdoor detergent. The dispensers can be flexibly filled according to personal requirements. Both dispensers with detergent, both dispensers with softener, one dispenser of detergent and one dispenser of softener, only one dispenser used with detergent or softener. The dispensers are also easily emptied if necessary and filled with another agent.

How many washes can be done with the content of an OptiDos tank before it needs to be refilled?

"Both OptiDos dispensers can each be filled with 1.2 l of liquid detergent or softener. OptiDos calculates the optimum dosing volume according to the selected programme and the laundry volume in the drum. No excessive or insufficient dosage ever again! 

Examples: Slightly soiled laundry, at medium water hardness, manufacturer’s dosing recommendation is 60 ml. This means that you can wash up to 20 times without refilling. Normally soiled laundry, at soft water hardness, manufacturer’s dosing recommendation is 95 ml. Here, up to 12 washes can be done without refilling (the number of washes depends on the dosing recommendation of the detergent, the laundry volume in the drum, water hardness, degree of soiling)."


How do I use OptiDos from V-ZUG in everyday life?

OptiDos can play a valuable role in your daily routine. You no longer have to think about dosing the detergent. V-ZUG has also made the operation and selection of the correct programme as easy as possible. 3 clicks are sufficient to start the washing machine with the desired programme and automatic dosing.

I have some items of clothing that I’m unsure about putting in the washing machine. Does the machine have programmes that can handle them correctly?

Yes. Hand wash, WetClean and wool programmes are available, and it’s also possible to activate additional functions such as Easy care. 

I suffer from allergies. Can a washing machine help me cope with them?

The anti-mite programme eradicates mites and allergens – importantly, that includes house dust mite excretions, which are linked to respiratory problems. These unwelcome house guests are incredibly resilient, but they are completely wiped out by the anti-mite programme found in AdoraWash and Unimatic product lines. The results are so good that even technical institutes are sharing them.

How do the washing machines stand out in terms of energy efficiency?

The energy label provides information about this. Three factors are measured in washing machines – energy consumption, washing performance and spin efficiency. All V-ZUG washing machines have achieved an A+++ rating in energy efficiency.

I don’t often have much time for washing. Are there any fast programmes available?

Yes, there are –  the 40 °C and 60 °C Sprint programmes. Both of these are able to run with very little water and are gentle on your washing. 

Can I put the tumble dryer on top of the washing machine if I don’t have much space?

Yes, you can put the tumble dryer either next to or on top of the washing machine. The stacking kits supplied (AdoraWash/AdoraDry) make it safe and easy to install the machines.

Can I put the tumble dryer on top of the washing machine if I don’t have much space?

Yes, you can put the tumble dryer either next to or on top of the washing machine. The stacking kits supplied (AdoraWash/AdoraDry) make it safe and easy to install the machines.

I have sensitive skin that reacts to any traces of detergent left on my washing. How can my washing machine help with this?

Around 30% of the Swiss population have sensitive skin, which means that they need their laundry to be washed even more thoroughly than usual. The skin protection programme in AdoraWash appliances is there to help with this by using a specially optimised rinsing procedure and ensuring that water penetrates the laundry extremely effectively. The V-ZUG Special Care Drum also whisks away any remaining traces of detergent. These features help to make skin irritation and itching from leftover detergent a thing of the past.

Why does the washing drum have so many holes?

The V-ZUG Special Care Drum has 14,000 holes to protect delicate fabrics and prevent wear and tear from friction during the washing process.

How can I save water while doing laundry?

 The AdoraWash Vx000 washing machines are equipped with the partial load water and energy economy function as standard. It is completely automatic and checks how much washing is in the drum before the start of every wash cycle, achieving water savings of as much as 60% compared with using the maximum amount of water in the drum.

Which models are designed for use in a family home or flat?

The AdoraWash and AdorinaWash product ranges are ideal for family homes or flats, while the Unimatic range is designed for communal laundry rooms and small businesses.

Can I also connect the washing machine to a hot water supply?

Yes, you can –  if you have a solar installation at home, you can use the hot water it generates for the washing machine.  This is an optional feature on AdoraWash Vx000 washing machines. 

How does the steam anti-crease programme work?

The steam anti-crease additional programme can be selected with a large number of washing programmes. The integrated heating function gently treats shirts, blouses, skirts and other items with steam generated at the end of the wash cycle.  This makes ironing faster and more convenient – and sometimes even removes the need for it altogether. 

Is there a special programme for woollens?

Yes, there is. The wool programme has been specially designed to treat woollen fabrics extremely gently during the wash cycle and with a much lower spin speed. This produces fantastic results while putting the wool under as little strain as possible. 

How can I make sure my laundry is treated gently?

The innovative DialogSystem takes care of this. The washing machine communicates information on the amount and type of laundry, spinning speed, the selected wash programme etc. to the tumble dryer. Based on these data, the dryer selects the ideal drying programme and determines its precise duration, ensuring that your laundry is not damaged by the wrong choice of drying programme.

I want to place the tumble dryer next to the washing machine. Can I choose which side door hinges are fitted?

All our latest washing machines (Adora) and tumble dryers (Adora) are available with the door hinges on the right-hand or left-hand side. This means you can choose the most suitable version for your circumstances.

How can I make use of low electricity rates?

You can use the delayed start function to set your electricity provider’s low rate times up to 24 hours in advance and use the machine during these times. The current range of AdoraWash washing machines also features the intelligent OptiTime delayed start function. If you use OptiTime at night, for example, and combine it with low electricity rates, you can make energy savings of up to 63% per wash cycle.

How does a modern washing machine compare to a 20-year-old model in terms of water consumption?

A model from 1990 required 80 litres of water and used 1.25 kW of electricity. A current model can manage with just 39 litres of water and 0.85 kW of electricity. The amount of water required depends on the level of soiling and the water hardness. AdoraWash washing machines are equipped with EcoManagement. This function shows how much water and energy were used during the last wash cycle. It also displays average values for the last 20 wash cycles.

What exactly is the partial load economy system?

To avoid wasting water and electricity, the ingenious V-ZUG sensor system ensures that consumption precisely corresponds to the actual amount and type of laundry. This means that, with the economical V-ZUG washing machines, you can easily wash a smaller amount of laundry without wasting precious resources.

What does EcoStandby refer to in washing machines?

AdoraWash and Unimatic washing machines need the bare minimum of electricity for the standby function, which helps to reduce household electricity consumption. 

What exactly is the vibration absorbing system (VAS)?

With the new Adora model, VAS compensates an unbalanced load during the spinning phase. This means the machine runs particularly smoothly and quietly. Structure-borne sound and its transmission to adjacent rooms are greatly reduced, which makes the Adora ideal for use in apartments or in buildings with an air-proof envelope such as those built according to the MINERGIE® standard. As documented by official tests, the V-ZUG Adora with VAS conforms perfectly to the stringent requirements of SIA standard 181.

What exactly is V-ZUG WetClean?

WetClean heralds the dawn of a new era in the laundry room. Now you can machine-wash even your particularly delicate favourite clothes. Be it your little black dress, your ball gown or a delicate, frilly blouse, as long as your treasured outfits can be washed with water, just put them in the washing machine. Provided, that is, you have an Adora SLQ. ZUG makes a point of using water intelligently as well as economically. We have developed an innovative technology that harnesses the gentle power of water to wash especially delicate garments. The new Adora SLQ features a separate internal water cycle. A special distribution nozzle smoothly soaks the laundry by spraying water over it, a highly gentle cleaning process that amounts to a textile, wellness programme’.

What is the purpose of the textile type programme?

The Adora SLQ and Adora SL models automatically select the appropriate wash programme for different types of laundry such as jeans, baby clothes or net curtains. The baby garments programme, for example, ensures that your little one's clothes turn out perfectly hygienically clean. Microbiological tests by the Veritas laboratory have confirmed its effectiveness.

How does the appliance hygiene function stop the build-up of odours?

V-ZUG offers the appliance hygiene function in AdoraWash Vx000 washing machines. It appears at regular intervals on the appliance. The programme cleans the drum interior (while it is empty) at the maximum temperature, eliminating any bacteria that might lead to unpleasant odours.

What is the purpose of the night economy programme?

The Adora night economy programme reduces energy consumption by 40% and water consumption by 20%. You can make use of lower night electricity rates and protect the environment. What's more, the Adora is very quiet.

What is the purpose of the turbidity sensor?

By continuously monitoring water turbidity, the ZUG Adora can detect when your laundry has been sufficiently rinsed. This has two advantages: your clothes are perfectly rinsed and water consumption is reduced by 30%.

What is the purpose of the degree of soiling button?

This adapts the wash programme to the degree of soiling. This additional function is typical for V-ZUG appliances and helps you save water, time and energy.

What is the purpose of the tilting operating panel?

Your convenience is important to us. Thanks to the articulated design, you can position the operating panel according to your personal preference.

How does the appliance hygiene programme work?

Start it without putting any laundry in the washing machine. The programme heats a small amount of water to approximately 80°C and then treats the inside of the appliance with steam to significantly reduce the number of germs.

How does the «Tip and go» function work?

You select a main programme by pressing a singlebutton. This means all the required settings are automatically chosen. If desired, you can select additional programmes or functions by pressing the corresponding buttons. If no button is pressed within 20 seconds, the programme selected will start automatically.

How can I save energy and water while doing laundry?

 V-ZUG helps you to do this automatically thanks to the partial load water and energy economy function and EcoManagement. The latter shows you in advance whether your choice of programme is going to use large or small amounts of energy and water.  The OptiTime delayed start option also helps you to save lots of energy if you have a bit of spare time.

Washing laundry at 20°C is becoming increasingly popular. Do V-ZUG washing machines offer this functionality?

To meet our customer's requirements, our new laundry room appliances now feature a 20°C wash programme that can be selected by pressing a dedicated button.

How long do the LEDs remain lighting if the door is left open?

The lamps go out automatically after 2 minutes, which means that the washing machine can be left open after washing. The Start/Pause/Light button can be used to switch off the light manually. The automatic lighting can also be deactivated in the user settings. 

What is the life cycle of the drum lighting LED?

The lifecycle corresponds to the appliance lifecycle. Therefore 4,000 batches / 15 years.

Can the drum lighting LEDs be replaced?

Yes, the drum lighting can be replaced.

How do I link up my appliance?

Detailed information is available online: https://home.vzug.com/en/ 

Does the AdoraDry V2000 have the same programmes as the Adora TL?

Not quite. The Down thick, Down thin, Bed linen, Outdoor programmes used very rarely by users have not been adopted. Making a clearer distinction between the V2000 and the V4000.

Why does the V6000 model not exist with OptiDos?

Due to the heat pump, it is not possible to implement it in the AdoraWash V6000 due to a lack of space.

How do I explain the use of DualDry in MINERGIE buildings?

If the laundry room or drying room are also to be connected to the comfort ventilation system, the two systems (comfort ventilation and DualDry) will complement each other when drying wet laundry. This means that increased air humidity in the room is reduced (dehumidified) both by the comfort ventilation system and by our dryer. There may be a problem if the target room humidity of the comfort ventilation system is set higher than that of the dryer. This would mean that the comfort ventilation system becomes permanently moist and our dryer would be permanently dehumidified (especially with our moisture control programme). This seems highly unlikely to me, since a laundry room generally calls for a dry climate and the recommended target room humidities of the comfort ventilation system are somewhat lower than ours – see below). 

Can water softener be dosed in the OptiDos washing machine? How would this work?

It cannot be dosed

What can I do if the machine/display breaks down unexpectedly or stops working correctly?

As with many other electronic appliances, it can help to unplug the appliance and disconnect it from the power for 10 seconds. This reboots the system so that minor faults can be fixed.