Heat pump technology

AdoraDish V6000 with heat pump

The most environmentally-friendly dishwasher offering outstanding convenience
The AdoraDish V6000 with heat pump is in the outstanding energy efficiency class A. Its unparalleled technology and economical programmes make it the most environmentally-friendly dishwasher on the market.

Heat pump technology– as simple as it is effective
The heat pump technology is based on a heat accumulator with a closed water circuit. The heat is drawn out of the water in the circuit, and the resulting energy then heats the fresh washing water. This means that a full dishwasher requires less than half a kilowatt of energy when using the Eco programme.  

Cut down on energy by more than a third
In the Eco programme, save an incredible 34 % (calculated under standard conditions with 280 washing cycles per year).

Save more energy thanks to innovative features 
We combine the unique technology with environmentally friendly programmes and intelligent features to create the most environmentally friendly dishwasher out there. The OptiStart, energy saving and partial load options, and the automatic programme, reduce energy use even further. The AutoOpen function automatically pushes the appliance door open at the end of the programme. The dishwasher can also be connected to your hot water supply, saving even more energy.

1 Compressor
2 Coolant circuit
3 Heat exchanger
4 Latent heat storage unit
5 Circulating pump
6 Rinsing water