Adora options

Various optional extras can be added to Adora washing machines to make washing laundry even more convenient.

V-ZUG option: Hot water connection

This option is especially practical if the house has a hot water preparation system which is powered by solar energy.

By combining solar power and the V-ZUG cold/hot water option, a significant amount of energy can be saved in comparison to an appliance without a hot water option – namely up to 70 %*).

*) Varies according to the programme selected, saving in comparison to a conventional washing machine without a hot water connection and without a heat pump.

V-ZUG option: Soft water

Soft (descaled) water or collected rainwater can be used to prevent limescale damage during washing. Available for V-ZUG AdoraWash V6000, AdoraWash V4000 and AdoraWash V4000 with OptiDos.


  • Excellent protection against limescale damage in regions with hard water (+32 fH) and a central water softening system
  • Soft water or rainwater is used for the first rinse to save drinking water

V-ZUG option: Second suds pump

This is required when the water drain height is more than 1.2 m above the ground. It can be used up to a maximum height of 1.9 m and is available for the V-ZUG AdoraWash V4000.