Gentle, economical drying with the Adora heat pump dryers from V-ZUG

You can put your washing line away: thanks to the special gentle programmes offered by the modern Adora tumble dryers, you can dry all of your laundry by machine – even extremely delicate textiles like silk and wool. With the textile type button, you can select the right programme for the laundry you want to dry: silk, baby garments, down, denim, wool, or many other textiles. The gentle drum movements and low temperatures take care of even the most delicate materials as they dry. The basket programme is even more gentle on textiles: the drying basket is available as an accessory and can be used to dry shoes, gloves or soft toys. Just like Adora washing machines, the tumble dryers also use V-ZUG's EcoManagement system, which helps you improve the energy efficiency of your dryer. Together, the two appliances make the perfect duo and will take the best possible care of your clothes while ensuring that laundry day is both efficient and ecological, all in the comfort of your own home.