Combi-Steam MSLQ: the all-rounder for a modern and healthy lifestyle

The name says it all – with a combi-steam cooker, you get an oven and a steam cooker in just one appliance. The Combi-Steam MSLQ, V-ZUG's latest generation premium appliance, also incorporates a microwave function. It is therefore the first kitchen gadget to combine the three heating methods – heat, steam and microwaves – in one appliance. This is particularly practical when you want fast but healthy food. The microwaves work like a turbo switch. By switching these on (power functions), you can reduce any cooking process by around a third. Nevertheless, the appliance still prepares your meals just as gently as or perhaps even more gently than with conventional cooking methods. As a result, the Combi-Steam MSLQ brings numerous options to the table both when you need your food fast and when you have more time on your hands. This premium combi-steam cooker adapts itself to the individual rhythm of its user.