Household appliances from Zug: made for life

Innovation, precision and quality – values from a small Alpine country which have spread worldwide. All over the globe, «Swiss made» is considered to be a reliable label of quality. And this is all thanks to companies like V-ZUG. For over 100 years, the former galvanising plant has developed and produced high-quality household appliances in Switzerland as a matter of principle, making it a unique company in the sector. And this is how it will stay in the future too. Together with Metall Zug AG and the Zug municipal authorities, V-ZUG has committed itself to the visionary «Technology Cluster Zug» project with the aim of safeguarding Switzerland as an industrial and production hub in the long term. After all, production on home soil is key for V-ZUG when it comes to ensuring its high quality standards. When we talk about quality, we are talking about much more than just high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship. It also encompasses functionality, design, sustainability and impeccable service for the entire life of the appliance. When all of these aspects come together, the result is «Swiss perfection for your home».