An excellent outlook: the new downdraft extractor from V-ZUG

V-ZUG has added a striking new model to its selection of high-quality range hoods. When switched off, the new downdraft extractor fully sinks into the kitchen island or worktop. When you need it, the extractor moves gently into position, as if by magic. This practical finesse makes the downdraft extractor the ideal ventilation solution for open-plan kitchens or for design-conscious cooks. Regardless of whether it is on or off, the downdraft extractor will never be in the way at head level and it means that you always have an uninterrupted view into the room. The most efficient solution is to combine the new range hood with a panorama hob as the narrow space between the cooking zones and the fan means that the fumes can be extracted as effectively as possible. A sophisticated kitchen appliance which blends seamlessly into any modern, vibrant and design-oriented household from both an aesthetic and functional perspective.