Vacuum drawer 60 144

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  • Standard width

    60 cm

  • Standard height

    14.4 cm

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  • Type of connection (1)

    220-240 V~

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Selected product

Selected product
Article no. 3600160022
EAN code 7630029407745
Type VS60144
Product category Drawer
Standard width 60 cm
Standard height 14.4 cm
Front design Black glass
Handle Push/pull

Display and operation

Display and operation
Controls TouchControl

Kitchen drawer features

Kitchen drawer features
Stable telescopic fully extending runner Yes
Drawer type vacuum drawer
Suitable for liquids Yes
Stainless steel interior Yes

Service and interfaces

Service and interfaces
Warranty Australia 5 years

Also available with/as (*)

Also available with/as (*)
Type VS60144Vi
Front design Fully integratable

(*) Not all combinations are available. Ask your retailer for advice.

  • Pictogram forVacuum-sealing levels for external vacuum-sealing Vacuum-sealing levels for external vacuum-sealing  
  • Pictogram forBag support Bag support  
  • Pictogram forVacuum-sealing levels Vacuum-sealing levels  

Technical data


Niche height 144 mm
Niche width 600 mm
Niche depth 550 mm
Appliance height 142 mm
Appliance width 596 mm
Appliance depth 547 mm
Volume 7.8 l
Empty weight 25 kg


Consumption when off 0.0 W
Type of connection (1) 220-240 V~
Frequency (1) 50-60 Hz
Connected loads (1) 0.32 kW
Fuse protection (1) 10 A
Plug type Schuko 16A
Plug type B BS1363/13A
Plug type C AS/NZS 3112
Plug type D CN CH1-10P

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