V4000 90

The WineCooler V4000 90 combines the striking design and height qualities of the Excellence Line with advanced wine cooling functions. For an elevated wine experience.

Designs available

  • Platinum mirror glass

  • Black mirror glass

  • Optimum temperatures for red and white wines

    One zone for white wine and another one for red wine: Two separate climate zones allow users to store all their favourite wines in one appliance. If desired, both zones can also be set to the same temperature. For a taste of fine wine as if just retrieved from an in-home wine cellar.
  • Elegant wine display at home

    The flexible Swiss beech wood shelves can be pulled out to select a wine bottle or guided into an angled presentation position. They even accommodate open bottles and decanted wines. Perfect for serving fine wines and impressing guests.
  • Perfection down to the last detail

    Minimal, elegant and timeless design is the hallmark of V-ZUG’s Excellence Line. With clean lines and a mirror glass front, this wine cooler perfectly matches the aesthetics of V-ZUG ovens, steamers and other products in the range. In addition, it features a handle-free door that opens easily via TouchOpen, requiring only a light tap.
  • 12-hour light mode

    Elegant display lighting

    The timer-controlled lighting subtly illuminates the interior for an elegant and striking display of the wine.

  • SoftClose

    Soft and silent closing

    The SoftClose function gently slows the appliance door down and quietly pulls it shut.

  • SilentPlus

    Ultra-silent operation

    The noise-suppressing SilentPlus function can be activated whenever silence is desired. It makes the appliance whisper-quiet and virtually inaudible.

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