FAQ Tumble dryers


Does the unit have a discharge pump?

Yes, a discharge pump is installed. The maximum feed height of the discharge height is 1.2 m.

It is possible to dry laundry in the drum and in the room at the same time?

No, only one operating mode works at a time.

Where and how high may the syphon be?

The maximum feed height of the discharge height is 1.2 m.

Where does the extracted water go?

The DualDry has an integrated discharge pump. The water is directed into a syphon with a hose.

What is the moisture control programme?

The moisture control programme automatically starts the room air laundry drying over 7 days if the appliance detects an increase in humidity. The target humidity in the room can be set between 50% and 60%.

What programmes does the DualDry offer?

In room air laundry drying mode: Extra dry, Standard dry, Iron dry, Damp, Timed drying (up to 3 hours), Moisture control programme

Can the DualDry also be used to keep the room dry?

Yes, the moisture control programme runs for 7 days and automatically starts drying the room air if the appliance detects an increase in humidity. However, the DualDry is not designed for permanent operation or the dehumidification of very humid rooms.

How do I prevent the formation of mould?

Mould is caused by excess humidity in the room. Whenever laundry is hung up, the room air laundry drying function should be started to remove the humidity from the room. Alternatively, the moisture control programme can also be selected.

May I ventilate the drying room before and after drying?

As soon as the drying process is complete and the DualDry has been switched off, we recommend ventilating the room for 5-10 minutes.

Does the room need to be closed?

An optimal drying process during room air laundry drying is guaranteed in rooms where the windows and doors are closed. This reduces the penetration of humid air from the outside.

Does the DualDry also work in unheated rooms?

An optimal drying result is reached at a room temperature of 10-30°C. In rooms with very low temperatures, the function may be restricted. The DualDry may not be used under 8°C.

How much rope do I need per wash?

40 m of rope per 10 kg of laundry are required.

How high is the laundry hanger installed?

Ideally so that the dry air flow of the DualDry flows directly on the laundry. However, the laundry also dries if the positioning is less ideal. The customer is free to install the hangar as they like. In an apartment building, the washing line is usually at a height of 180 - 190 cm. The washing line should not be lower than the air release flap.

Why is the DualDry laundry hanger arranged in the shape of a star?

A star-shaped installation facilitates an optimal air flow. This results in a faster drying process.

Does the choice of detergent have an influence on the drying time?

No, the drying time is not changed by the use of different detergents.

How much heat does the DualDry release when drying laundry in a room?

DualDry releases a heat capacity of some 350-400 W into the room during operation.

Does the softener have an influence on the drying time?

The use of softeners can result in a slightly longer drying process, but there are no studies that confirm this assumption.

May I use a softener?

Yes. The softener can be used for both drying processes. It is irrelevant whether the laundry is dried in the drum or on a washing line. Deposits of softener on the drum surface are reduced to a minimum by the lower temperatures. 

What kind of power connection do I need?

A normal 230 volt socket (T13 / 10 A secured).

What energy efficiency class does the DualDry have?

The DualDry is extremely energy-efficient. In tumble drying mode, it meets the requirements for energy efficiency class A++ and in room air laundry drying, the requirements for energy efficiency class A1.

Does the DualDry require maintenance?

Apart from the usual cleaning processes, no further maintenance is required.

How do I need to clean the DualDry?

The DualDry is cleaned like an Adora heat pump dryer. This means that the fluff filter should be regularly cleaned and the air inlet flap wiped with a damp cloth. The front insertion can be rinsed under running water.

Can the start time be programmed?

The programme start can be individually defined via the delayed start. Furthermore, the controls can be automated via the moisture control programme.

How loud is the room air function?

64 dB(A) in room air operation according to test regulation.

Does the DualDry blow out hot air?

During room air laundry drying, the room air (and therefore the clothes) is dehumidified; to this end, a heat pump is used. The temperature of the air blown out is only slightly above the temperature of the room air. DualDry releases a heat capacity of some 350-400 W into the room during operation. This means that the air blown out in normal operation is 5 - 10°C higher than the room temperature, but it is not electronically heated, which results in very good energy efficiency values. If the DualDry blows out tangibly hot air, this is often caused by a clogged fluff filter. Only when drying in the drum is the laundry dried with heated air.

Can the air flow be changed?

No, the air flow cannot be changed. However, as the air circulation has only a limited impact on the drying, factors such as the size of the room, volume of laundry or how the laundry was hung up are more decisive.

Does the DualDry have an hour timer?

Although the DualDry has time-controlled programmes, they do not need to be used to switch off the appliance automatically. An integrated humidity sensor measures the level of dryness reached and automatically deactivates the DualDry if the desired degree has been reached.

Do I need to switch off the appliance after drying the laundry?

No, the DualDry switches off automatically. 

The drying period depends on the following factors:

spinning capacity of the selected washing programme, textile types, laundry volume in the room, room temperature and humidity, placement of the laundry in the room and how it is arranged, hanging habits (“double” over a line, “single” over a line with pegs, “single” over two lines)

How do I recognise a clogged filter in the DualDry?

The appliance reports a fault. A9: Cleaning sieves and mats

How long does the drying take?

According to the measurement in line with the standard, the drying capacity at a maximum room size of 9 m² is 1.34 kg/h and it takes 5h 40min. 

What are the key benefits to a room air laundry dryer?

Very careful drying as drying is without heat and friction, walls kept dry and therefore no formation of mould, quick drying, no hanging in stuffy cellar rooms for days on end, possible to dry anything that can be stored in the room (e.g. tents, carpets, sleeping bags, covers)

What is the difference between the DualDry and a conventional room air laundry dryer?

DualDry is a combination of tumble dryer and room air laundry dryer.

What is the difference between a dryer (heat pump tumble dryer) and a room air laundry dryer (DualDry)?

With a heat pump tumble dryer, the drying takes place in a closed drum. The laundry is added to the drum and dried with the temperature of 55°C released by the integrated cooling circuit. With DualDry, the laundry is hung up on a washing line in the room. The DualDry blows dry air into the laundry items. They release the humidity into the room air. The humid room air is channelled via the evaporator installed in the DualDry. In doing so, the vapour in the air condensates on the cold evaporator surface. The dried and cooled air is then warmed up via the condenser and blown into the hanging laundry. DualDry uses the same heat pump to dehumidify the room air. However, the drying takes place at far lower temperatures.

How do I benefit from the room air function? The laundry can be hung up anyway.

If the laundry is dried in a room, the humidity must be transported out of the room through ventilation in order to prevent humidity damage, such as the formation of mould on walls. By ventilating, a lot of heating energy is lost in winter, which increases heating costs. DualDry removes the humidity from the air. This means that ventilation is required less frequently. Furthermore, the laundry can also be dried in rooms without windows, meaning an extra room is not required.

What is the energy consumption like compared to tumble drying or previous room air laundry dryers?

As drying in a room takes place at low temperatures and the laundry in a room can be less efficiently streamed with air, drying laundry in a room can require slightly more energy than when drying in the drum.

Why does the appliance run for so long?

Room air laundry drying takes more time, as the laundry is streamed less efficiently with air and the temperatures during this process are also lower than when drying in the drum. Other factors that slow down the drying process: A lot of laundry in a small room, very damp laundry (of small spinning speed), open doors or windows, humidity that additionally enters the room, clogged front filter mat, items that prevent the release of air, soiled or faulty humidity sensor.

How must the DualDry be positioned?

The positioning is shown in the installation instructions.

How big may the room be?

The recommended maximum size of the room is 25 m² (50 m³)

How much laundry can be dried?

The nominal load is 1–7 kg for the drying process in the machine. If room air laundry drying is applied, a maximum room size of 25 m² is recommended. The room air laundry dryer has a drying capacity of 1.34 kg/h, which corresponds to about 5 hours for a full laundry load of 7 kg.

Should I choose a vented dryer or a condenser dryer?

It depends: for a vented dryer, you'll need to install an air duct leading outside from where you intend to place the dryer.

Can I use the tumble dryer for highly delicate items?

This is what you've been waiting for. The «ultra care» programme dries your delicate items at 55°C in just 90 minutes. A piece of advice: treat your laundry with even more care by giving it ample space in the washing drum.

Can ZUG washing machines help me keep creases out of my laundry?

Our anti-crease programme is yet another highlight of the comprehensive V-ZUG laundry care range. It is designed primarily for blouses, shirts, T-shirts and cotton trousers that are treated for 20 minutes. Put the items on hangers while they are still slightly damp. Iron them lightly if required and they will look as good as new.

Is there a programme to quickly loosen up laundry?

The «WetClean» programme is ideal for that purpose. It takes just five minutes to breathe new life into your woollens. Your woolly jumpers and similar garments will feel much softer and fluffier on your skin - no more scratchiness or skin irritation.

What is the purpose of the extra dry programme?

This programme is designed for thick, multi-layered textiles and varying loads. It is less suitable for T-shirts and undergarments as they risk shrinking.

What is the purpose of the normal dry programme?

This programme is designed for homogenous loads - an entire machine full of terry towels or underwear, for example.

What is the purpose to the irondry programme?

Use this programme if you plan to iron your laundry immediately after washing it.

What is the purpose of the damp programme?

Use this programme if you're going to press your laundry (e. g. tablecloths) with a mangle after washing it.

Can I dry woollens in the tumble dryer?

All woollens labelled as washable can be dried in the tumble dryer. The appliance uses a gentle drying process with adapted drum action and a low temperature (approximately 45°C).

What is the purpose of the WetClean programme?

You use this to loosen up delicate textiles. (Remove them immediately after the programme has completed.)

Can I adjust the degree of dryness With a V-ZUG tumble dryer?

ZUG dryers are designed for minimum energy consumption. A humidity sensor continuously measures your laundry's degree of dryness. If in spite of this, your laundry turns out too dry or not dry enough, you can adjust the degree of dryness according to your needs.

How does the «Tip and go» function work?

You select a main programme with the press of a single button. This means all the required settings are automatically chosen. If desired, select additional functions by pressing the corresponding buttons. If no button is pressed within 20 seconds, the programme selected will start automatically.

Is it normal for tumble dryers to generate fluff?

Fluff consists of fine threads produced by friction during the manufacturing, wearing and washing of textiles. This does not mean that the appliance puts an excessive strain on your laundry. Even with laundry dried on a line, fluff can be observed when you shake or iron it. While the laundry is wet, fluff clings to it. In the tumble dryer, the fluff is separated from the textiles and caught by the fluff filter in the door. The amount of fluff depends on the type of laundry, but finding some fluff in the filter after drying is quite normal.

Should I use fabric conditioner if I want to dry my laundry in the tumble dryer?

Do not use fabric conditioner if drying the washing in a tumble dryer, unless the manufacturer states otherwise. Tumble drying automatically leaves the washing soft and fluffy to the touch. Using fabric conditioner can cause a thin, barely visible film to form on the drum and humidity sensors. This can lead to malfunctions and prevent the appliance from achieving the required degree of dryness.

Does drying take less time if the laundry is well spun?

Indeed, thorough spinning reduces the time and energy required to dry your laundry. Creases caused during spinning will be largely flattened out in the tumble dryer.

Why is it so important to clean the dryer's fluff filters on a regular basis?

Blocked fluff filters and filter pads weaken the airflow. This means the laundry takes more time and energy to dry. This is why the fluff filters and filter pads should be cleaned regularly as stated in the operating manual.

Why was the DualDry not also implemented in the V6000?

"The DualDry was implemented in accordance with the OptiDos appliance for the V4000. This means that the two new V-ZUG products can be perfectly combined with one another.
Furthermore, it is more cost-effective to offer the DualDry with the V4000 than would be possible with the V6000."

Why was the DualDry not also implemented in the Unimatic?

The DualDry was implemented in the Adora, as the air throughput was too low for a laundry room in an apartment building. Furthermore, the operating modes cannot run at the same time. If laundry is hanging up in the room and another tenant decides to use the tumble dryer, then this eliminates the possibility of room air laundry drying as the humidity within the room is no longer regulated.


Does the use of the DualDry with the moisture control programme still have an effect and is it even influenced by the Minergie system?

It is unlikely that the combination of “comfort ventilation (target humidity: 30–50%) and DualDry (target humidity: 50–60%)” would cause problems.

DualDry: why is the moisture control programme restricted to a maximum of 7 days?

This restriction prevents the appliance from being used as a construction dryer. This is not what it is designed for. The running time has an influence on the components and can also be considered a safety issue. A period of 7 days has been defined as once a week is generally considered sufficient for washing and drying.