FullFlex 实现独一无二的烹饪体验

FullFlex 炉灶有两种不同的尺寸,分为灰色和黑色两种玻璃陶瓷颜色。

使用 FullFlex,您可以完全灵活地进行烹饪,因为它完全不需要预先设定炉头。借助最先进的电磁感应器,炉灶可以自动识别锅具的位置和大小。因此,在玻璃陶瓷表面上可以任意放置多达六个平底锅。即使厨房空间有限,通过使用较小的 FullFlex,我们也能提供全表面电磁炉的所有优势。两个炉灶都有一个宽敞的全彩图形显示屏,可以方便地进行触摸操作并清楚地显示信息。

FullFlex 炉灶现在有黑色和灰色两种规格可供选择。这两种规格都标配了 Wi-Fi 功能。

2019 年,FullFlex 炉盘获得了欧洲 Plus X 大奖在创新、设计、优质、操作舒适性和功能性方面的认证奖章,还获得了德国红点奖。

Plus X Award

The Plus X Award is the world’s leading innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle. It recognizes brands for the superior quality and innovative edge of their products.

An expert panel of representatives from various sectors awards seals of approval in the following categories: innovation, design, high quality, comfort of use, functions, ergonomics and ecology. The approach of the Plus X Award is a unique one: in contrast to many of its rivals who see themselves mainly as design awards, the Plus X Award follows a more sophisticated approach with its seven seals of approval. The Plus X Award seals of approval are therefore not just a benchmark for outstanding products but also a strong indicator of overall brand quality.