一套设备 - 两种功能
该炉盘在一套设备中融合了两种功能,充分简化了整个烹饪过程,让您可以完全专注于食物的烹调。在这个新型 MaxiFlex 炉盘中已经集成了一台抽油烟机,可以直接向下抽吸平底锅和锅具旁的油烟。与使用槽式抽油烟机时一样,集油盒可以取出并放入洗碗机中清洗。此外,图形显示屏上直观的触摸操作也给用户带来全新的烹饪体验。 


OptiLink 功能是另一大亮点:通过在炉盘与抽油烟机之间相互通信,可以根据油烟浓度自动调节抽油烟的强度。当然,您也可以手动调节抽油烟机。但是,只要您有需要,该配置便会发挥调节功能,让您可以专心烹饪。 


Plus X Award

The Plus X Award is the world’s leading innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle. It recognizes brands for the superior quality and innovative edge of their products.

An expert panel of representatives from various sectors awards seals of approval in the following categories: innovation, design, high quality, comfort of use, functions, ergonomics and ecology. The approach of the Plus X Award is a unique one: in contrast to many of its rivals who see themselves mainly as design awards, the Plus X Award follows a more sophisticated approach with its seven seals of approval. The Plus X Award seals of approval are therefore not just a benchmark for outstanding products but also a strong indicator of overall brand quality.