Authentic and original

In our latest advertising campaign, we showcase the kitchen as a place where we can be original and true to ourselves. Architect Valerio Olgiati shares his ideas of perfection with us, and former Formula 1 racing driver Romain Grosjean reveals why life is not always about peak performance. An authentic and original discussion.

Perfection that you can feel | The Excellence Line by V-ZUG (2022)

Performance, perfectly balanced | The Excellence Line by V-ZUG (2022)

The magic lies in the details - Excellence Line

Unbelievable precision, a distinctive yet sleek design, complex technology that’s straightforward to use – now that’s what we call magic. It comes about when all of the details are perfectly coordinated and excellence can be found in every last one.

TV Spot The magic lies in the details, Excellence Line (2021)

Passion for Details

V-ZUG household appliances are high-quality, modern and reliable. The secret? It lies in the detail. With dedication to every detail, highly motivated employees in Zug and all round the world are devoted to creating household appliances of the utmost Swiss perfection like no other manufacturer does. This sets us apart as a Swiss brand – something we are proud of and want to convey to the public. A passion for every detail lies at the heart of our day-to-day work, and is therefore also the focus of our communication and advertising activities. It’s a guiding principle that characterizes V-ZUG’s current and future advertising campaigns in Switzerland and in international markets.

TV-Spot Details make the difference: DualDry 2020 (in german)

TV Spot Details make the difference: SteamFinish 2020 (in german)


Housework should not be a sideshow or a chore; it should be fun. The new V-ZUG advertising campaign shows the situations that this change can lead to.

TV-Spot Party programme

TV-Spot Undressed

TV-Spot HotDog