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260 g white flour
15 g yeast, fresh, crumbled
165 ml water, lukewarm
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt
Mix all the ingredients together and knead into a smooth dough. Place the dough in a bowl, cover with a damp cloth and allow to proof at room temperature for 1–1.5 hours until double in volume.
300 g peeled plum tomatoes, tinned
2 slices of ham, cooked
4 artichoke hearts, pickled
5 olives, black, pitted
2 champignons, large
150 g mozzarella
Pepper, freshly milled
oregano, dried
Pizza Plus (250°C)
Crush the plum tomatoes with a fork and drain in a sieve. Reduce the plum tomatoes to about 150 g in weight. Season the sauce with salt, pepper and oregano.
Cut the ham into strips. Quarter the artichoke hearts and halve the olives. Slice the champignons. Finely slice the mozzarella.
Roll the dough out to the size of the baking tray and place it on the lined baking tray.
Spread the tomato sauce, ham, artichokes, olives and champignons evenly over the dough. Season with oregano and pepper.
Spread the slices of mozzarella evenly over the top. Put the tray into the preheated cooking space. Bake.
Засунути страву для випікання
Pizza Plus 250°C протягом 9 хв

Baking tray

Кількість Інгредієнт
15 g yeast
4 artichoke hearts
150 g mozzarella
5 olives
165 ml water
300 g peeled plum tomatoes
260 g white flour
1 tbsp olive oil
2 champignons
1 tsp salt
2 slices of ham

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