Into a networked future with V-ZUG-Home

Running a household is now becoming even more convenient and efficient: the new functions of the V-ZUG-Home app provide inspiration and keep users informed about the status of running programmes at the push of a button. Always up to date, networked appliances thus offer added value for everyday life.

Imagine you are sitting on the sofa with your guests and you receive a message on your smartphone when the entrecôte is ready to be served. Or you are doing the gardening and quickly check the remaining duration of your washing programme on your tablet. Thanks to V-ZUG-Home, selected appliances such as modern ovens, combi-steam cookers, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers from V-ZUG are able to communicate and can easily be networked. 
Always up to date
Upon request, the appliances send notifications to your smartphone or tablet. You will receive a start message if you have programmed a delayed start, for instance, and you will be notified once your dish is ready. But even without notifications, you can keep an eye on your appliances at all times: they provide information about their current status, the temperature inside the cooking space or the time remaining until your food will be ready to serve.
Inspiration at the push of a button 
The app now also contains numerous recipes for inspiration. But it gets even better: the corresponding programmes can easily be transmitted to the appliance from the app to facilitate the preparation of your meal. The app also supports the user in making the right settings in a few easy steps. Those who are unsure about the best programme for a delicious gratin or perfectly cooked meat can breathe a sigh of relief because the app enables a simple search and transmission of EasyCook settings to the appliance.

Simple installation and configuration
You don't need to be a professional to install or operate V-ZUG-Home – in fact, it couldn't be simpler. If a software update is available, the appliance can simply be updated at the touch of a button and benefit from new functions and services as a result. For everything you need to know about installation, please visit
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