Connected cooking


GuidedCooking: Help while cooking
If you struggle to achieve perfectly cooked rice or you aren’t sure how to chop up fennel, then GuidedCooking will be available to assist you from summer 2019 – turning cooking into a stress-free experience. With the help of our app, your networked hob will guide you through the cooking process. Depending on how involved you want to be, you can choose to follow a recipe in the app or be guided by the EasyCook feature. All you need to transform cooking into a whole new experience is a hob with the GuidedCooking function, the app and Bluetooth-enabled pans from our partner Kuhn Rikon.

OptiLink – Automatic range hood control
Too loud, too weak, too powerful or not switched on at all: if you’re concentrating on preparing your food, it’s easy to forget about your range hood. But now there is one less thing for you to think about: with the OptiLink feature, selected hobs and range hoods can do this job for you. The range hood and hob communicate to ensure that the range hood power setting automatically adjusts to what’s happening on the hob, keeping your air clean without you needing to touch the hood. The technology also ensures that energy consumption is perfectly regulated to suit the situation.


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