Connected cooking

Together with intelligent cookware, GuidedCooking offers new possibilities for food preparation. Hobs with OptiLink communicate with range hoods, automatically regulating them in response to the cooking process.

Hobs with the GuidedCooking function communicate with pots and pans as well as regulating the range hood, provided this is equipped with OptiLink. The cooking process can be controlled via the V-ZUG GuidedCooking app. For connected cooking, Bluetooth-enabled cookware from our partner Kuhn Rikon is required. You can choose between the Hotpan Comfort and the Duromatic Comfort.

The app knows the best preparation methods and controls the cooking process
The V-ZUG GuidedCooking app can provide support with entire recipes, or just with preparing a few specific ingredients. The app contains a huge variety of recipes for you to follow and offers a wealth of culinary inspiration. For comprehensive help with cooking, simply choose a recipe, prepare the ingredients as instructed, and start the application. Those who want to get more involved in the cooking process can use EasyCook to prepare a single ingredient with more confidence – a particular type of vegetable, for example. The hob selects the right heat setting and cooking time. If desired, the app can update you on the current status of the cooking process and let you know when it has finished. This means every dish is a stress-free success and ensures optimum use of energy and time.


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