New Adorina models from V-ZUG

Washing better

Even quieter, even more efficient, and dead smart as well: that's how the latest washing machines and tumble dryers from V-ZUG's Adorina line come across. Perfect for use in apartment blocks.

It's true that climbing stairs makes for strong calves. But isn't it far more practical do your washing in your own four walls rather than having to run around – let alone having to deal with the laundry room plan? That's the purpose of Adorina from V-ZUG, the washer-dryer line for every budget. The appliances fit nicely into the bathroom, the kitchen or the utility room, and can be placed next to eachother or in a tower to save space. The latest models are now on the market, with a design that is definitely too good for the basement. And they offer top performance at an affordable price. The two appliances are even quieter than before and consume less water and power. Both the washing machine and the tumble dryer can identify the load and adapt the programme duration autonomously. The result: they beat energy class A+++ comfortably. What's more, the new extra-large door makes loading child's play. So just start washing and put your feet up. Good for your calves as well.