Gentle and clean: steam, the home help

Steam is as old as the earth itself – and is used today in the very latest household appliances. V-ZUG, the leading Swiss manufacturer, employs patented technologies to show how it's done.

The best thing about steam is what it does not do. To form, it needs no ingredients other than heat. It disappears completely without leaving anything behind, making it good for the environment. So when the engineers at V-ZUG started thinking again about how they could make the lives of modern families and gourmets even easier, it was quite natural for them to take steam in their sights.

Cooked gently
Like in the kitchen. This is where the Combi-Steam line unites conventional heat and steam – with delicious results. Thanks to steam, 36 percent less fat is needed and the ready-to-eat dish contains 22 percent more vitamins. And reheating takes on a whole new quality in the truest sense of the word as well. Indeed, with the Regeneration programme, home-made food tastes just as fresh the following day. But the highlight for keen amateur chefs is the sous-vide technique, which involves cooking meat or fish, vegetables or fruit, under steam in a vacuum-sealed bag. This makes it possible to experience flavours like in top restaurants. So it is only logical that leading Swiss chefs like Andreas Caminada, one of the best 50 in the world for years, to devise suitable recipes for V-ZUG.

Shining clean
When the kitchen has seen some intense use and food has been consumed with gusto, like it or not there is plenty of washing up to do afterwards. Here, too, steam can help make life easier and reduce the stress. You know those annoying water marks and salt residues on wine glasses and best plates? V-ZUG customers can happily answer no to this question. This is because the Adora SL is the first dishwasher to rinse glasses, cutlery and dishes with pure, condensed steam. SteamFinish is the name of the 20-minute function that can be added on to any main programme you want. This is especially popular with wine-lovers as neither marks nor annoying odours remain in the glass.

Creases removed
And not forgetting the laundry room. Unlike the kitchen, people prefer to spend as little time here as possible. Ironing, above all else, does not feature on most people's lists of favourite activities. The good news is that owners of an Adora washing machine from V-ZUG can all but mothball their irons. The 18-minute Steam anti-crease programme removes creases from the washing using generated steam right in the drum so thoroughly that there is no need for ironing in most cases. This works with both damp and already dry washing. It could hardly be easier.